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Search And Rescue

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A Non-Profit Organization

Deployed in time of crisis

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Welcome To Victor Valley Search And Rescue Team!

A Non-Profit organization that provides assistance to public

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Victor Valley Search and Rescue and Apple Valley Posse teams were called into action last night at 1800 hours to locate and retrieve a stranded motorist in a remote area Southeast of Apple Valley. Coordinates for the general location of the vehicle were provided to the team as they headed out in very wet, cold and rainy conditions. The team searched a wide area around the provided coordinates on foot and from OHV’s. San Bernardino County Sheriff Departments helicopter, 40King, was also overhead lighting up the area but no vehicles were located. By 2200 hours the team had broadened the search area and at approximately 2300 hours located the vehicle with a subject inside. Interviewing the subject we discovered that a second subject had left the vehicle on foot approximately 2 hours earlier. With the rain turning to slush and subject #1 bundled up and loaded into one of the OHV’s, the team set out in the direction of travel of subject #2. Following some information provided by subject #1 we picked up some fresh footprints approximately 3 miles away from the vehicle and heard subject #2 yelling from under a large bush off the side of the trail, where they had taken shelter. Very wet and cold but otherwise ok we were happy to bring both subjects back to the Command Post alive and relatively well. ...

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Mt Baldy trails closed effective April 4th through April 30th.

Per Forest Order 05-01-20-03, COVID-19 Emergency Closure, all trails in Mt Baldy will be closed. Those violating the order risk a $5,000 fine and up to 6 months imprisonment.Mt Baldy trails closed effective April 4th through April 30th.

Per Forest Order 05-01-20-03, COVID-19 Emergency Closure, all trails in Mt Baldy will be closed. Those violating the order risk a $5,000 fine and up to 6 months imprisonment.

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We all need to do our part, Social distancing is an important strategy if you absolutely must go out, otherwise please stay home if you are able.

TBT to a search in 2019 - Victor Valley Search and Rescue social distancing

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The Victor Valley Search and Rescue Team and all of our sister teams throughout San Bernardino County are currently unable to conduct any “in person” team meetings and trainings in response to State Executive Order N-33-20 (Stay Home Order). Health and safety are paramount to our Search and Rescue operations at all times, and we are committed to do our part during this unprecedented period in recent history. And while we may all feel, and seem to others, to be a bit motionless at times, we stand ready to take action when the call comes in at all times!

“Never confuse motion with action” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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Sheriff McMahon with a message to our community regarding #COVID19

Please remember, ONLY go to trusted and confirmed sources for information:

County of San Bernardino
County of San Bernardino Department of Public Health
San Bernardino County District Attorney

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Remember, we’re all in this together! And together we can make the best of any situation! #patience #civility #respect#COVID19 In regards to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) we encourage the public to follow the guidelines that can be found on the County of San Bernardino Department of Public Health website at

(Español en el próximo publicación)

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Familiarization with our surroundings can aid in the efficiency of our mission. Training days are often in areas which we may find ourselves in for an actual search at some point in the future. Today the Victor Valley Search and Rescue Team, with some assistance from Barstow Desert Rescue, held extensive training to expand our familiarity with our High Desert area. ...

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Congratulations to our new Victor Valley Search and Rescue Team member, Michael Graychik, who was sworn in last night. Michael will now go on to attend the Basic Search and Rescue Academy (BSAR) where he will be trained on the basic skills required to be a valuable asset to the team, our local communities in which we serve, and a welcomed addition to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Volunteer Forces. ...

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#skills #sbcsd #sbsar #vvsar #InternationalWomensDay ...

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The reasons people become involved with Search and Rescue are many. Some are shared across the entire group and some are very individual and unique. The same may be said of the skills and experience each member brings with them. All of which contribute, combine and continue to grow the strength and effectiveness of a Search and Rescue team. This is the third in a series of “Why did you get involved?” ...

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April 2020

Upcoming Events

  1. General Meeting and Training

    April 11 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  2. Large Animal Evacuation Training

    April 11 @ 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
  3. General Meeting and Training

    May 9 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  4. General Meeting and Training

    June 13 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm